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ct5266 wheelchair access tower
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The CHASE SECURITY CUSTOM STEEL TOWER has been designed to house CCTV cameras, intercoms, HID devices, wheelchair access buttons, and other electronic devices and protect them against vandalism or accidental damage. It is designed to be used in a variety of public locations including: entrances, walkways, parking lots, port authorities, military bases, consulates, schools, apartment complexes, prisons, and government and institutional facilities.

The steel tower provides strength and ease of installation and maintenance of equipment once installed. For over 30 years Chase security products have been manufactured in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, and sold to OEM accounts and distribution and installed by Government Institutions, Prisons, HUD, Projects, Universities, Hotels, Parks, Schools, Hospitals and other public locations where both functionality and aesthetics count.
Can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Constructed of quality 14-gauge cold-roll steel.

  • Welded at all sides for a reinforced solid construction.

  • Finish: stainless steel or cold roll steel in black or white finish.

  • Dimensions: 52" tall x 6" x 6".

  • Provided with service plate in rear base for simple mounting.

  • Designed at comfortably accessible heights for both pedestrian and special needs traffic.

  • Customized design options available to accommodate both standard and unique devices.








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Also available in cold-roll steel in white or black polyester finish.

Chase Security Systems, Inc., an MBE Enterprise, draws from over 30 years of experience selling to the Fire, Security, Computer, Sound, Food Processing, Forestry, Communications and Telecommunications industries. Many of our signature products are now being produced by other manufacturers but our steel towers are still the product of choice for their strength.

Due to changes in industry, exact product dimensions and features may differ slightly from above.